Desalination Membranes

DesalinationPermusoft Pty Ltd’s product range includes Reverse Osmosis Membranes for Brackish water, Tap and Seawater treatment for industrial and potable water applications.

High surface area membranes with both high flux rate and excellent sodium chloride rejection are recommended.

Replacement of membranes provides an ideal opportunity to maximize plant output by utilizing the existing RO system and installing the highest recovery membranes, flow rate and operating efficiencies taking into account;

  • Spare Parts Kits
  • Pressure vessels
  • Interlocking end-caps
  • Pretreatment, for SDI and NTU control
  • Energy savings
  • Water temperature and pH
  • Antiscalent
  • Feed Flow and operating pressures
  • Disinfection chemical level (chlorine) and Dechlorination process