Ion Exchange Resins

WaterPermusoft Pty Ltd specialises in the supply and technical support for Ion Exchange Resins used in the treatment (Demineralisation) of water to remove total dissolved solids and provide low conductivity demineralised water for use in many Industrial applications and Power Generation water treatment plants.

We recommend uniform particle size resins for Counter current and Co-flow Cation / Anion / Mixed bed and Condensate Polishing systems. Specific strong acid / strong base and weak acid / weak base resin selections often need careful consideration to provide maximum operating capacity and efficiency to ensure lowest operating costs.

Both Gel and Macroporous resins are available depending on the application and raw water characteristics. Due to the design of some resin systems it is necessary to use specific resins for Layer or Strata bed installations and we support these designs with resins which function optimally during backwash, separation, regeneration and service phase. Additionally we recommend resins which have excellent fouling resistance and optimum affinity for strong and weak acids resulting in very low silica leakage values.

We can provide testing and technical analysis of resins to determine exchange capacities and issue detailed independent analytical laboratory reports including, moisture content and resin uniformity, operating life etc.

Ion Exchange Resins for Water Treatment and Separation Applications

  • Demineralisation
  • Two-stage demineralisers
  • Mixed Bed Polishers
  • Condensate Polishers
  • De-Alkalisation
  • Softening
  • Chromatography
  • Non-regenerable resins